Why Choose a Slurry Pumps

If you are looking for a pump of the latest generation, made of corrosion- and wear-resistant engineering plastics with the most excellent resistance to abrasion, impact (especially low-temperature impact), creep resistance (resistance to environmental stress cracking) and excellent corrosion resistance. Then you can learn about slurry pumps that can adapt to different industrial situations.

What is a slurry pump?

The slurry pump is a cantilevered single-stage single-suction centrifugal pump, designed and developed for conveying corrosive media containing fine particles, the pump is made of steel lined with ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE), which is the latest generation of corrosion and wear-resistant engineering plastics for pumps, and the most prominent advantage is that it has the most excellent abrasion resistance, impact resistance (especially low-temperature impact), creep resistance (environmental stress cracking resistance) and excellent corrosion resistance among all plastics. Resistance to environmental stress cracking) and excellent corrosion resistance.

Advantages of slurry pump:

1) Strong wear resistance:

All the overflow parts are made of steel lined with ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE), the abrasion resistance of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE) tops the list of plastics, which is 4 times higher than that of nylon 66 (PA66) and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), and 7-10 times of the abrasion resistance of carbon steel and stainless steel.

2) Strong impact resistance:

Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene impact strength ranks first among general engineering plastics, is (acrylonitrile/butadiene/styrene) copolymer (ABS) 5 times, and can remain stable at -196 ℃, which is any other plastic does not have the characteristics.

3) Excellent corrosion resistance:

The pump in a certain temperature and concentration range can be resistant to a variety of corrosive media (acid, alkali, salt) and organic solvents, at 20 ℃ and 90 ℃ in 80 kinds of organic solvents impregnated with 30 d. The appearance of no anomalies, and other physical properties are almost no change.


Application of slurry pump


slurry pumps can be used in a variety of industries and processes, including

-Building masonry

-Pressure grouting

-Soft foundation reinforcement grouting

-Construction backfill grouting

-Anchor support



In the smelting and environmental industries, slurry pumps are reliable workhorses capable of meeting the demands of a wide range of applications. The high efficiency, versatility, durability and precise control of slurry pumps make them indispensable in a wide range of industries. Take advantage of the power of slurry pumps to optimize your operations, increase productivity and take efficiency to the next level.


Ready to expand your industrial handling capabilities? Explore our range of slurry pumps to find the perfect solution for your needs.