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How to choose the model of the pump?

Choosing the right pump model involves several factors that you need to consider to ensure it meets the specific requirements of your application. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you select the appropriate pump model: Identify the Purpose and Application: Understand the purpose of the pump and the specific application you need it for. For […]

Fault Analysis and troubleshooting method of centrifugal Hot Oil pump

Fault Analysis and troubleshooting method of centrifugal Hot Oil pump A: fault analysis and troubleshooting method for centrifugal hot oil pump: No oil discharge or less oil discharge Causes of production: 1, suction height exceeding rating 2, suction pipe leakage 3, rotation direction not right 4, suction pipe clogging or valve closing 5, safety valve stuck or […]

How to choose chemical pump material?

When the chemical pump operates in many complex working conditions, the most prominent problem is the corrosion resistance of the chemical pump. In the face of various complex working conditions, the use of chemical pumps must be done with the manufacturer timely and comprehensive communication, in view of some commonly used chemical media,we simple introduce how […]

Matters needing attention in centrifugal pump testing

1.Before starting the centrifugal pump, the idle load test should be prohibited, and the liquid test should be carried out according to the operation rules stipulated above. For the forced lubrication system, the temperature rise of the centrifugal pump bearing oil should not exceed 28 ℃. Bearing metal temperature should be less than 93 ℃. For […]

How to calculate the purchasing cost of chemical pump correctly?

Many procurers shop around when they buy chemical pumps, and they always calculate the pump price then select the lower price that can meet their requirements. Actually this method dose save the initial purchase cost, and mots products can basically meet the needs of use in the initial stage.But for the user, the role of […]