How to buy a high quality gear pump

Principle of operation
Gear pumps are a type of positive displacement pumps, consisting of one or more gears and pump body. According to the oil guide grooves at both ends of the gears, gear pumps are categorized into internal gear pumps and external gear pumps. Internal gear pumps draw in or discharge liquid through the internal clearance between the gears and the pump body, while external gear pumps realize liquid suction and discharge through the close fit between the gears and the inner surface.

Basic composition and use:
1. Mainly composed of pump body, gears, bearing housing, safety valve, bearings and sealing device and other machine parts.
2. The pump body and bearing seat are gray cast iron, the gear is made of high-quality carbon steel, and can be made of copper or stainless steel according to the user’s special needs.
3. The gear pump is equipped with a safety valve, when the pump or discharge pipe fails or the discharge valve is closed completely by mistake, which generates high pressure and high pressure impact, the safety valve will open automatically, unloading part or all of the high-pressure liquid back to the low-pressure chamber, thus playing a safety protection role for the pump and pipeline.
4. It is directly connected with the driving motor by flexible coupling and installed on the public cast iron chassis.

Main application fields
1. Mechanical equipment field
Gear pumps are widely used in the field of mechanical equipment such as engineering machinery, hoisting machinery, agricultural machinery, mining machinery, shipbuilding machinery, metallurgical equipment and so on. In the field of machinery and equipment, gear pumps are mainly used for lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, fuel and other media transportation and circulation system.
2. Paper-making field
Gear pumps can be used in the paper industry, such as pulp transportation, pulping, hot press paper and paper processing. In the field of papermaking, gear pumps are commonly used in the reuse of pulp circulation pumps and starch pumps.
3. Metal processing field
Gear pumps can be used in the supply and recycling system of coolant, lubricating oil, cutting fluid and so on. In the field of metal processing, gear pumps are also commonly used in high-pressure water jet processing equipment in the pressurized pump.
4. Petrochemical field
Gear pumps can be used in the petrochemical field of chemical production, refining and storage and transportation. In the petrochemical field, gear pumps are mainly used for crude oil, hydrocarbon compounds, adhesives and other media transportation.