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What are the energy-saving schemes for acid and alkali resistant anti-corrosive pump motor?

The acid-resistant and alkali-resistant anti-corrosion pump is a common pump for the transportation of strong-corrosion liquid in the industrial production, and has a fluoroplastic pump, a stainless steel pump and a plastic pump. When using the anti-corrosion pump, the user wants to use the energy-saving way to reduce the cost. So what are the options to […]

What is the basis for selecting titanium valves?

Valves are control components in fluid piping systems, which are mainly used to isolate equipment and piping systems, regulate flow, prevent backflow, and regulate and drain pressure. It’s very important for the piping system to choose the right valve. We’ll see how to choose the right valve. 1,Use of valves, operating conditions and control methods […]

What are the main uses of titanium chemical pumps?

Titanium, we all know it’s metallic. Titanium chemical pump is actually a chemical pump made of titanium metal material, and it is also a kind of chemical pump made of stainless steel. Titanium alloy has been heard of as a special alloy that can automatically restore its plastic deformation to its original shape at a certain temperature. […]

Advantages and disadvantages of Fluoroplastics submerged pumps

In some industries transport acid, alkali and other corrosive, oxidizing medium, such as hydrochloric acid, metal material pump is more expensive, cost-effective. At this time it can choose fluoroplastic long axis submerged pump. Fluoroplastic submerged pump, impeller partially immersed in the medium, occupied a small area, no shaft seal so no leakage phenomenon. Over-current parts are made […]

Multistage centrifugal pumps cannot pump water, may be related to these aspects

1. the speed of multistage centrifugal pump is too low (1)artificial factors. Some users, because of the damage of the original motor, are randomly equipped with another motor to drive, resulting in small flow rate, low head or even no water. (2)Mechanical failure of multistage centrifugal pump itself. The loose unfastening of impeller and the […]