Reasons for Choosing Diesel Engine Water Pump

Diesel pumps are widely used in urban water supply, large-scale water conservancy projects, farmland irrigation and drainage pumping stations, power stations, mining industrial water supply systems, air conditioning systems, fire protection systems, shipbuilding industries, and oil refining industries for general purposes How to choose a high diesel pump can refer to the following contents:

1. Advantages:

Compared with other pumps of the same type, diesel pump has the characteristics of long life, reasonable structure, low operation cost, convenient installation and maintenance, etc. The suction and spit outlets of diesel pump are all below the axis line of the pump, and the horizontal direction is perpendicular to the axis. When the pump shell is opened and inspected badly, there is no need to disassemble the inlet water, and the pipeline and motor (or other prime mover) all rotate counterclockwise when viewed from the coupling to the pump

2. Components :

The main parts of diesel pump are: pump body, pump cover, impeller shaft, double suction sealing ring, shaft sleeve bearing, etc. The water pump of diesel engine can be made of copper cast iron, ductile iron, stainless steel, two-way steel, Hastelloy alloy, Montmorillonite alloy, titanium alloy and No.20 alloy, etc.

3. How it works:

(1) A pipe screw hole for installing a vacuum gauge and a pressure gauge is arranged on the inlet flange of the working chamber of the impeller formed by the pump body and the pump cover, and a pipe screw hole for discharging water is arranged on the lower part of the inlet flange Flanges are made according to GB, and can also be made by ISO. DIN. BS or ANSI

(2) The hydraulic design of the impeller adopts the most advanced CFD technology so as to improve the working efficiency of the diesel pump The impeller has been checked by static balance. The hydraulic efficiency of diesel engine water pump is fixed on the shaft with shaft disk and pull-out nuts on both sides The axial position of the impeller can be balanced by the symmetrical arrangement of its blades. The axial force of the impeller may also be balanced by the symmetrical arrangement of its blades. The axial response force at the coaxial end can be borne by the bearing at the coaxial end

(3) The pump shaft of the diesel engine pump is supported and installed at both ends of the pump body by two sets of bearings Unique bearing body design allows bearings to be lubricated with grease or thin oil. The design life of bearings is over 100,000 hours. Double row thrust bearings and closed bearings can also be used The pump body is provided with double suction sealing ring, which is convenient to disassemble and replace Diesel pump is directly driven by motor through elastic pin coupling or metal coupling Internal combustion engine gas turbine can also be used as driving machine