Corrosion Resisting Alloy Material Selecting Table

No.Material rating numberCodeSuitable medium
1Plastic FEPF46Various acids, alkalis,salts,oxidants
2Plastic PFAVarious acids, alkalis,salts,oxidants
3UHMWPEAcids, alkalis, and salts containing suspended solid granules below 80℃
40Cr18Ni9304Diluted nitric acid and organic acid
50Cr18Ni9304LDiluted nitric acid and organic acid,Resistant to intergranular corrosion.
60Cr18Ni12Mo2316Diluted nitric acid, phosphoric acid, and organic acids
700Cr18Ni12Mo2316LDiluted nitric acid, phosphoric acid, and organic acids.Resistant to intergranular corrosion.
80Cr20Ni25Mo5Cu2904Sulfuric acid of various concentrations at<70℃. Resistant to intergranular corrosion.
90Cr30Ni42Mo3Cu2804Evaporation of caustic soda, and those medium whose corrosiveness is beyond the capacity of 904.
100Cr20Ni42Mo3Cu2824Those medium whose corrosiveness is beyond the capacity
11Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5Titanium
Full concentration hydrochloric acid.
120Cr18Ni5Mo5NH55Sea water
1300Ni65Mo28Hastelloy BFull concentration hydrochloric acid.
14F30%CrMoCr30It’s an ideal material for corrosive media containing up to 35% of solid, such as phosphoric acid extract slurry or similar corrosive medium
151Cr18Ni9Ti18-8Alkali liquid, acetic acid, diluted nitric acid.
1600Cr20Ni25Mo4UB6Phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid, and high temperature acetic acid containing certain amount of Cl-,F. Resistant to pitting and intergranular corrosion.
1700Cr14Ni14Si4C4Full concentration nitric acid, especially concentrated nitric acid. It is the best cast steel in comprehensive performance for concentrated nitric acid available at present.
180Cr12Ni25Mo3Cu3Si2Nb941Full concentration constant temperature sulfuric acid, especially middle concentration(ca.50%) sulfuric acid below 100℃
1900Cr10Ni20Mo1.5Si6CuSS920High temperature sulfuric acid, t<130℃, concentration 93-98%
200Cr21Ni32Mo2Cu220# alloyHigh temperature sulfuric acid, t<130℃, concentration ca.40%
21Z180C13DF2Corrosive medium containing up to 70% of solid.
220Cr26Ni5Mo2Cu3CD-4MCuSuitable for diluted sulfuric acid and phosphoric acid containing solid. It is anti-abrasive and anti-corrosive.
230Cr24Ni20Mo2Cu3K alloySulfuric acid pf various concentrations<60℃
2400Cr25Ni6Mo2MM-4Special steel for nitric acid and phosphoric fertilizer.
250Cr18Ni12Mo2TiMo2TiDiluted nitric acid, phosphoric acid, and organic acids.
260Cr20Ni33Mo3Cu3Nb20Cb3Corrosion of sulfuric acid of various concentrations
270Cr24Ni33Mo2.5Cu3Ti3#4#Abrasion and corrosion of diluted sulfuric acid containing 20% solid phase.
280Cr16Ni4Cu3NbCB-7CuCorrosion of sand slurry, abrasion and corrosion of halogen liquid in the production of potassium fertilizer.
2900Cr30Ni40Mo4Cu3Lewmet55Corrosion of 125℃ high temperature fuming sulfuric acid.
3000Ni65Cu28MonelHydrofluoric acid, silicofluoric acid, high temperature caustic soda