This limited warranty is applicable to all products purchased from SUNPACE and use as normal.

SUNPACE warranty that the products covered are free of defects in materials and processes, with the exception of the following exceptions.

The the limited warranty does not include damage caused by misuse, accident, modification or modification of product tampering, unsuitable physical or operating environment beyond product specification, impeller maintenance or malfunction caused by product that SUNPACE is not responsible.

If you have a problem with the product before seeking limited warranty service, follow the troubleshooting program provided by SUNPACE.

To obtain limited warranty service, please contact the SUNPACE call center first.

When we receive information about the breakdown of our product. First, we will give you professional advice by email, telephone, video. If none of this works, we will send a professional maintenance engineer to your site. If it is our product’s own problem, we will bear the maintenance team travel ticket and accommodation costs. If this is your reason, please pay our maintenance team for air tickets, accommodation and services.