How to select a vertical centrifugal pump?

Vertical centrifugal pump selection method: The main control parameters for the selection of vertical centrifugal pumps are the flow rate Q, head H, efficiency η, power, speed n, working pressure, required cavitation margin (NPSH), etc. of the water vertical centrifugal pump.To select a vertical centrifugal pump reasonably, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the comprehensive […]

What is a magnetic drive pump? What is the principle of magnetic pump water pump?

What is a magnetic drive pump? The magnetic pump is a branch of the water pump field. It is a new product that applies the working principle of a permanent magnetic coupling to a centrifugal pump. The magnetic pump consists of three parts: a pump, a magnetic transmission, and a motor. The magnetic transmission of […]

How to select a submersible pump?

The selection of submersible pumps should be based on the process flow, water supply and drainage requirements, and should be considered from five aspects: liquid delivery volume, device head, liquid properties, pipeline layout, and operating conditions. Let’s take a look at the specific submersible pump selection method and the precautions for using submersible pumps. 5 […]

What is the difference between screw pump and rotary pump?

Both rotor pumps and screw pumps are volumetric pumps, and their performance is basically similar – both can smoothly convey high-viscosity materials and have high conveying pressures. So, what are the differences between rotor pumps and screw pumps? Different internal structure. The rotor pump conveys materials by rotating the two rotors in the opposite direction […]

When to use diesel water pump?

Diesel engine water pumps are widely used in various situations. Here are several main usage scenarios: Industrial field: Diesel engine water pumps are a commonly used equipment in the industrial field, used to realize the circulation, transportation, and discharge of water in industrial production. For example, in chemical plants, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, textiles and other industries, […]