We have the ability to supply pumps of different materials, and we offer the right solutions for a variety of process industries and other industries that handle chemical liquids.We are approved vendors for many

     Government Departments

     Public Sector undertaking

     Large industrial houses and EPC Contractors.

With more than 30,000 customer bases in China and abroad, we have more than 100,000 pumps that have been successfully and efficiently operated for the past three decades.

Our pumps can be installed in(pump application)

   *Fertilizer&Soil Nutrient Industries.

   *Metallurgical Industries



   *Acid & Alkali Manufacturers

   *Metal Finishing And Surface Coating

   *Paper &Rayon Industries

   *Food & Beverages

   *Sugar And Distilleries

   *Nuclear industries

   *Water Treatment

   *Effluent Treatment And Air Pollution.