Advantages and disadvantages of Fluoroplastics submerged pumps

In some industries transport acid, alkali and other corrosive, oxidizing medium, such as hydrochloric acid, metal material pump is more expensive, cost-effective. At this time it can choose fluoroplastic long axis submerged pump. Fluoroplastic submerged pump, impeller partially immersed in the medium, occupied a small area, no shaft seal so no leakage phenomenon. Over-current parts are made […]

Multistage centrifugal pumps cannot pump water, may be related to these aspects

1. the speed of multistage centrifugal pump is too low (1)artificial factors. Some users, because of the damage of the original motor, are randomly equipped with another motor to drive, resulting in small flow rate, low head or even no water. (2)Mechanical failure of multistage centrifugal pump itself. The loose unfastening of impeller and the […]

Main spare part of centrifugal pump

Main spare part of centrifugal pump The main spare part are impeller, pump case and shaft seal device. 1, impeller The impeller’s function is to transfer the mechanical energy of the prime mover directly to the liquid to increase the hydrostatic energy and kinetic energy of the liquid (mainly to increase the static pressure energy). Impellers generally […]

What are the operating conditions of the pump?

When customer send inquiry to us, our sales colleagues always ask customer’s operating conditions. So what is “operating conditions”?, It’s “operating conditions” really important? Is it not enough to know the exact model? The answer is not enough, in order to enable each customer to better use the Sunpace’s pump, we often ask customer about […]