Fault Analysis and troubleshooting method of centrifugal Hot Oil pump

Fault Analysis and troubleshooting method of centrifugal Hot Oil pump

A: fault analysis and troubleshooting method for centrifugal hot oil pump:

No oil discharge or less oil discharge

Causes of production:

1, suction height exceeding rating

2, suction pipe leakage

3, rotation direction not right

4, suction pipe clogging or valve closing

5, safety valve stuck or bruised

6, liquid temperature low and viscosity increased

Exclusion methods:

1, increase the suction level

2, check the joints, 2CY gear pump * with sealing material seal

3, the direction indicated by the pump to correct

4, check pipe blockage, valve open

5, Remove the safety valve to clean and grind the valve hole with fine sand, use match

6, preheat the liquid or lower the drain pressure

Sealing oil leakage

Causes of production:

1, sealing ring wear

2, packing seal packing wear

3, mechanical seal wear or scratches and other defects

4, mechanical seal spring

failure elimination methods:

1, replacement seal ring

2, Adjust packing cover tightening, replace or replenish packing

3, replace or re-grind

4, replace

High noise or vibration

NYP high viscosity pump production reasons:

1, suction pipe and filter blockage

2, suction pipe into the shallow liquid level

3, into the pipe into the air

4, exhaust pipe resistance is too big

5, gear bearings or side plate severe wear

6, suction liquid viscosity is too large

7, Suction height over rating

Elimination methods:

1, remove the gear pump filter net dirt

2, suction pipe growth into the liquid level below

3, check the connection, YHB lubricating oil pump to make it sealed

4, check the discharge pipe and valve clogging

5, remove cleaning, And repair defects or replace

6, heating down viscosity or treatment

7, reduce oil absorption height and shorten the length of suction tubing