That’s important for maintenance of chemical pump bearing

The bearings of chemical pump will be worn or corroded after long-term use and should be checked regularly. If it is a new pump, in general, after 100 hours of operation, it is necessary to replace lubrication once, after which, 500 hours to replace it once. In addition, after 1500 hours of operation, it is necessary to replace the grease on the mobile bearing, and the oil quantity should be appropriate. To add to the specified position, and the amount of grease should not be more or less, otherwise it will affect the operation of the bearing, heating, resulting in bearing damage.

The choice of bearing grease should be correct, and keep clean, sealed, do not fall into dust and other sundries, otherwise it will cause certain damage to the bearing. The disassembly of bearings should be careful not to damage or pollute parts and components.