Advantages of magnetic pump

The advantages of magnetic drive centrifugal pump include no leakage, large intermission between internal and external rotors, the thickness of non-metal isolating sleeve is not more than 8mm, and the thickness of metal isolator sleeve is not more than 5mm, the wall thickness of isolator sleeve is larger.

The possibility of wear through the isolation sleeve is small, the gap between the isolation sleeve and the inner and outer magnetic rotor is also larger, the magnetic centrifugal pump is reliable, the possibility of wear between the inner magnetic rotor and the isolation sleeve caused by the wear of shaft seal is small, the isolation set is convenient to disassemble, can be replaced in the field, easy to maintain, can be used in SIC bearings, good wear resistance, long service life, pump speed is not limited by the motor. Can be connected with motor In addition to the different rotational speed, the magnetic centrifugal pump also has the following advantages:

The main results are as follows:

  1. The magnetic centrifugal pump uses magnetic field to drive the inner magnetic rotor through the magnetic field and the torque of the thin wall transmission of the isolating sleeve, so the leakage channel of the shaft seal is eliminated fundamentally and the complete seal is realized because the drive shaft does not need to be penetrated into the pump shell.

2, magnetic drive pump transfer power has overload protection.

3, the magnetic material and magnetic circuit design of the magnetic pump have higher requirements, the other parts of the technical requirements are not high.

4, magnetic drive pump maintenance and maintenance work is small.