How to calculate the purchasing cost of chemical pump correctly?

Many procurers shop around when they buy chemical pumps, and they always calculate the pump price then select the lower price that can meet their requirements. Actually this method dose save the initial purchase cost, and mots products can basically meet the needs of use in the initial stage.But for the user, the role of the pump in the process is much higher than the cost of buying it in the first place. We must also calculate the total cost of working time and maintenance costs in the event of problems and failures of these pumps; Similarly, the pump in the operation will consume a lot of electricity, over the years, a small pump consumption of electricity is amazing.

According to a follow-up investigation conducted by some pump manufacturers abroad on the products sold out, the purchase price of a pump actually accounts for only 5-10% of its life cost, while the rest comes from maintenance and energy consumption, taking into account its own efficiency and noise. Manual maintenance and other reasons, our procurement staff have any reason to blindly pursue low-cost products?

SUNPACE dedicated to providing users with energy efficient pump products, care about the other 95% of the user (use cost), and make a special design!In fact, the principle of the same type of pump is basically the same, inside the structure, components are much the same, the biggest difference in the selection of components, workmanship and quality.

For example, a very small shaft seal can be bought for a cheap price of one or two RMB, while a good product can be bought for tens or even hundreds of RMB. One can imagine how far the gap between the quality and price of the products made from these two products is, and what makes people worried is, There is little difference between them during early use.

The price gap of hundreds or even thousands of RMB is reflected in the efficiency, energy consumption and lifetime of the product. Short life, noise, leakage and other phenomena continue to occur, so many users regret the beginning of the choice of inexpensive products. However, the noise and high heat in the process of use are in fact precious electrical energy converted into useless kinetic energy (mechanical friction) and heat energy, but the effective work actually done is too little.