Advantages of single screw pump

1.The single screw pump pressure gradient is improved, and the pressure of the seal chamber increases. Advantages: small pulsation, low noise, transport medium is not easy to aging.

2.Medium in the single screw pump along the axial direction of uniform linear motion. All, theoretically no pulsation of flow, no pulsation of pressure, small noise vibration. No trapped oil.

3.Medium in the axial flow, no stirring, no shear, do not destroy the transport medium. Therefore, it is especially suitable for conveying thixotropic and non-Newtonian fluids.

4.The medium has low axial flow velocity in the single screw pump pressure, so the pump has good suction performance and no need for bottom valve.

5.It can be realize liquid, solid, gas mixed transport.

6.It is especially suitable for conveying suspensions containing solid particles or short fibers.