What is the basis for selecting titanium valves?

Valves are control components in fluid piping systems, which are mainly used to isolate equipment and piping systems, regulate flow, prevent backflow, and regulate and drain pressure.

It’s very important for the piping system to choose the right valve.

We’ll see how to choose the right valve.

1,Use of valves, operating conditions and control methods

2,Properties of the working medium: working pressure, working temperature, corrosion properties, whether solid particles are contained, whether the medium is toxic, is flammable, explosive medium, viscosity of the medium, and so on.

3,Requirements for valve fluid characteristics: flow resistance, discharge capacity, flow characteristics, sealing grade, etc.

4,Mounting dimensions and dimensions requirements: nominal diameter, connection and connection dimensions with pipes, dimensions or weight limits, etc.

5,Additional requirements for reliability of valve products, service life and explosion-proof performance of electric devices.