BS Type-Gasoline water pump

Suitable for any application

Satisfy each profession’s solution of water drainage without electricity

In includes:

※ Municipal Drainage                ※ Hotel industry

※Flood control material             ※ Construction industry

※Water treatment                      ※ Oil field

※Paper-making industry           ※ Agriculture irrigation

※Mining industry                       ※ Manufacturing industry

Summary of pump set’s main advantage

※Easy to operate and high safety, electric start, power by 4-stroke air-cooled engine.

※It have AVR to automatically regulate voltage, 100% copper of the alternator to ensure powerful             output.

※Aluminum alloy high pressure casting.

※Big volume water discharge.

※High effective mechanical seal.

※Compact in structure and light in weight

※It is weatherproof, and it is suitable for various construction environment.

※Long working hours, high efficiency,reasonable structure, low operating cost,convenient installation       and  maintenance.